Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club of Seattle, WA

Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club

Seattle, Washington

Club History

The Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club is one of Seattle's oldest motorcycle clubs.  The club once numbered 100 including a woman's division and a motorcycle stunt-and-drill team that rode white Harleys in the Seattle Seafair parade.  On this page you will find an assortment of the club history including newspaper articles, pictures, notes and posters.  Make sure you check Jolly Blog for more Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club history.


Jolly Rogers Hill Climb 1995. (skip ahead to 0:18)

Carmen Tom - The Story Behind the Man
Interview provided by Sound Rider,

Long time Jollies members Fred Bare and Glenn Imboden, 1966

Mickey Fay at Jolly Rogers track in 1973 on 125 Hodaka Combat Wombat

Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club The "Hill from Hell" parts 1 & 2.  May 19. 1946


GeekBobber: pictures of Jolly Roger Motorcycle Club Meet - 1946

Seattle Dealer History on GeekBobboer: Dewey's Cycle shop.

Also, check out the feature article HERE on Bob Budschat, the man to beat at the Jolly Rogers Race Track.

Ron Bennett flying over a jump at the famous Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club race track, circa 1974.



Early promotional poster (1990) for DownTown Harley showing long time owner and long time Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club member Carmen Tom.  It was a popular conversion from DownTown Harley to give a Sportster the appearance of a big twin


A couple old newspaper articles of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club, circa late '60s.


Ron BennettLong time Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club member Ron Bennett, cleaned the out house, worked on the track, flagged, and raced all in one race day.



Old Christmas card (1997) from Bruce Bennett to dad Ron Bennett long time Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club member, showing Bruce at the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club race track with the famous hill climb in the background.

Ride on Carmen!

85 year old Carmen Tom, a native of Britton, South Dakota: Long revered in the motorcycle community, spent the majority of his life in its pursuit (motorcycles AND the community). Likeable and friendly to most, he frequently took time to chuckle it up with visitors to his shop.  More

Jolly Rogers Hold Class C National Climb
May 17, 1964

430-foot Jolly Rogers hillMembers of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club of Seattle, Washington have been receiving much deserved accolades for their first venture in staging a National Championship Class C Motorcycle Hill Clime event, Sunday, May 17, 1964. A jam packed house watched the Northwest's top riders attempt to whip the 430-foot Jolly Rogers hill on Highway 99 between Tacoma and Seattle. Deputy Sheriffs on King County finally had to stop the incoming traffic when parking space became non-existent... Read More

Jolly Rogers MX track 1992
These 2 pictures are of Benny's (Ron Bennett - long time Jollies member) son Bruce at the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club MX racetrack.  The track originally was designed for scrambles (right and left hand turns and some mild jumps) but later converted to motocross.   You can see the Jollies hill climb in the background of the second photo.


Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club Drill Team.

Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Drill TeamRare photos and article (from the November 1957 American Motorcycling magazine) of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Drill Team, pre 1970.  Long Time Jollies member Carmen Tom second from left.

#87 Ron Bennett with his suspenders and beloved football helmet, Dan Mc Carthy #88m on the 73 BSA and the Great Seymour #29m on the 501 Maico in the Open class at the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club Racetrack, Kent, WA.
Old-timers 2nd year, late 70's, at the Russ Smith Memorial race at the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club Racetrack, Kent, WA.
Ron Bennett's bike from the mid 60's 250cc CZ AMA Sportsman #7 with the late Lloyd Albee a member of the Seattle Motorcycle Club.

Carmen TomDevelopment and falling membership are checkered flags for a Seattle motorcycle club and the dirt trails it blazed
Article copied from the Seattle Times Scene, Sunday, February 7, 1999.

by Marc Ramirez

Super 8 Home Movies of the legendary Mickey Fay racing at the also legendary Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club Race Track in Ken, WA

See more of the famous Mickey Fay

Super 8 Home movies from Jollies long time member "The Great Seymour" of races at the famous Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club race track in Kent, WA circa 1970-1972. 

A young Carmen Tom A young Carmen Tom in 1943 at 17 years old.  MORE



Mickey Fay - A Part Of Motorcycle Racing History
A number of the Jollies scooted on down to Puyallup Fairgrounds (Paul Hammus Arena) on Saturday to take in Mickey Fay's NW Extreme Flattrack Racing / Motorcycle & Quad indoor flattrack. Despite the cold and the aluminum bleachers, the races were pretty exciting, the track was large enough for passing, and some riders were very good.  MORE

The Seattle Times: February 24, 1999.  At 77, Mr. Poitras was one of the last surviving founding members of Jolly Rogers,

Larry Poitras, whose blocky orange Poke's Cycle building on Capitol Hill was a mecca for motorcycle buffs, took a chunk of Northwest cycling history with him when he died Saturday (Feb. 20) of lung failure.  At 77, Mr. Poitras was one of the last surviving founding members of Jolly Rogers, a dirt-scrambling group of bikers that in 1943 built the South End's first major motorcycle track. They bought the land for $1,500 and used two horses and a plow to create the tracks. They bulldozed a bike climb that exceeded a 45-degree angle. Read the complete article.

By Carole Beers
Seattle Times Staff Reporter

McLaughlin vs. Whipple - 1993 Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club race track

McLaughlin vs. Whipple - 1993 Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club race track

Old Jolly Rogers Events Posters

Hill Climb at Corbett, Oregon.  August 14, 1971

Present were: Glenn Imboden, Leroy Imboden, Cyrstal Wadkins, Doug Schrewsbury, John Martinolich, Arvid Edeburn, Delores Edeburn

Ron Bennett, long time Jolly Rogers member

Ron Bennett # 81 Castle Rock  Speedway (in the 1970's)
Ron Bennett #293 Old Jolly Roger scramble track(in the late 1960's)

Jolly Rogers riders meeting 1963

The Great Seymour, long time Jolly Rogers member, bites the dust. What year was this??

Jolly Rogers pictures from earlier years

Jolly Rogers ealry year pictures

The "Tiddler" (100cc) class at the Jolly Rogers grounds in the mid 60's. Yamaguchi was hot stuff in those days. See the Line Up and the yellow bike (probably a Honda 90) with the gas tank under the seat.

The Line Up  The Line Up
The Start  The Start

Jolly Rogers member Ron Bennet preps for a race at our grounds in early '70
In the late 60's, the 325cc Mustang motorcycle was accepted in "minibike" races, so defined by its 12" wheels

Long time active Jolly Rogers member Marion "Slimbo" Thomas died November 23, 2004.

Jolly Rogers member Ron Bennet in younger years

Ron Bennett

Members of the Jolly Rogers Motorcycle Club prepare the steep approach for a biker hill climb challenge at the famous Northwest Jolly Rogers grounds in Kent, Washington in 1951.

1953 Northwest Motorcycle Review - By Lila Bulen

Jolly Rogers member Dave Seymour in younger years

Dave Seymour

This is what's left of the original Jolly Rogers hill climb looking from the top onto the new houses at the bottom.

Jollies old hill climb

1962 Jolly Rogers race for PI needy kids from the UW Digital Photo site. The race is the annual PI Christmas Fund Scramble.

Copy of the cover to an early Jolly Rogers membership roster with a drawing of the pirate. This appears to be from the mid-40s before the back patch existed.

Old Jollies Membership Roster drawing

Oakly Downey tripping timer string: Jolly Rogers Hill Climb about 1969

Oakly Downey

1948 shot of the Jolly Rogers back patch.  (See fella walking away from dumped bike).

Ealry picture of man wearing Jolly Rogers patch

List of Known dates of events that the JRMC participated in back in the day.

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